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Zumba , Latin Dance ,  Kizomba, Bachata, Salsa with Aum Khala Dance
Yoga & Meditation with Crystal Bowls with Khala
Humaniversity AUM Meditation description

Dance is like medicine. It brings you joy, and freedom and allows you to fully express who you are.

Discover here Zumba, Kizomba, Salsa, Bachata, Step ...

YOGA is a way to unite body and mind and to connect to your authenticity. Learn breathing techniques to still the mind, adapt each posture to your ability to feel good in your body. Khala teaches Group and private classes in Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yoga Nidra & Meditation with Crystal Bowls.

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The AUM Meditation is a social and active meditation that allows you to release all the emotional tensions to fill yourself up with love and peace.

It is a safe journey to express 13 emotions, release stress, get in touch with your power, increase your vitality and well-being.

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My mission is to help you feel good in your body and mind! 

I offer unique experiences where you can connect to yourself, release what no longer serves you and feel peace & joy!

I guide people to have a healthy lifestyle and positive mindset. The more you invest in yourself, the more you can raise your energy and manifest what is good for you.

Always listen to your heart and intuition, they know what is best for you.

Accept whatever life has to offer, the ups and down. Trust life in every circumstance!



I believe Yoga, Meditation, and Dance can bring you self-love, self-care, confidence, joy, happiness, and healing.


It is a way to discover :

- who you are beyond the ego

- to let go of physical, mental and emotional tensions

- to unfold your inner treasures,

- to speak your truth,

- to release energetic blocks

- to connect authentically with yourself and others

- to nurture self-love and self respect.

About Khala

About Khala

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Hi, I'm Khala!

With 10 years of teaching Yoga, Meditation and Dance, I'm here to share my passion and help you feel good in your body and mind! 

As a former gymnast and dancer, I became a certified Fitness Instructor in 2009. I helped hundreds of people get fit and healthy. I led many years, fun and high-energy Zumba classes to bring joy and burn calories.


I became a Yoga teacher in 2010. My 450 hours of Yoga training in India, France, Costa Rica, and Bali gave me a solid foundation to teach Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, and Yoga Nidra.


I became a certified Humaniversity AUM Meditation leader in 2009 because this meditation is a fantastic tool to release blocked energy and repressed emotions. It helps you overcome difficult moments in your life and allow you to feel peaceful, joyful, and alive again! 


I have dual citizenship: French and American. I love traveling and speaking different languages such as Spanish, French and Italian. I live and teach in Koh Phangan Thailand!


More info about my background and my certifications, click here.


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Diane Mouchot

I am a big believer of the signs from the universe and people who come back into your life at certains time.

You have been an angel coming at the right time  to remind me about the gratitude practice and the importance of refocusing on the good and what I want in life. Truly feeling it.


So a big big big thank you to you for sharing your light and morning practice with me when I last saw you in Sydney.

I believe it was the first step  and reminder I needed towards a fresh start.


You radiate love, abundance and gratefulness.

Thank you


Ahh Khala !! A solar person !

Always smiling and  radiant !

Like Yin and Yang, Khala blossoms fully with the  balance  of teaching Zumba and Yoga.


In Zumba,  I have never seen another teacher  as cheerful as her.  She can  convey this incredible energy in her  crazy fun choreographies , easy to follow, where you come out of it so pumped up!

As much as the teaching of Yoga and Meditation, she can help you connect to yourself, to feel  peace and rest.

Either way, it is a real moment of sharing in kindness. A moment , where time is suspended, that will give you comfort in your heart and a lot of happiness.

Femme blonde souriante

For me, the Zumba classes with you start with a bright and energetic "hello" that comes from your radiant smile !


And then you say "damn I didn't want, it's cold, it rains and I am tired from my day" but the  light floods you despite everything. We follow, we warm up up and since the very first steps and very first notes, you take us into your world.


I haven't wanted to do Zumba with anyone else since after you, it's strange but I know why.


You carry us with your choreographies, you finish us with your choreographies, you make us dance, breathe, move, jump, surpass ourselves and laugh...


and what if it was just happiness?

Caco Pasto

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Katia Becaglia

It has been so many years that I know you and I love everything that you touch and share with us. Your Zumba classes were moment of joy, sharing where energy would flow freely. I didn't really have the chance to try Yoga  with you beside a little bit online during the lockdowns but without any doubt you must be a key teacher with quality. Your values and  lovingkindness transpire so much.

Alexandra Morand

I could never find the  taste to go to Zumba  after you.


All these years dancing by your side have been a real pleasure. There was  a crazy energy and vibe !


Then you became a dear friend to my heart. I wish you to flourish and realize all your dreams.

Love you

Femme blonde souriante

Isabelle TheDoors

Congratulations for what you  are doing! 

I keep great memories of  the Zumba classes where you would make us travel around the world with your music and choreographies. 

Every class was a party, a moment of joy, good mood, all wrapped in a communicative dynamism.

I wish you the best for your project !

Portrait d'une femme

Anna D'ippolito

Khala, force of  nature. 

Your eyes always show the joy of life and the humbleness to transmit and share knowledge with others.


And with this travel, an even larger baggage.

Patrick Poirier

Zumba with Khala was  so great. We had fun dancing Bollywood. I hope to have the chance to dance again with you.

Thank you also for the lovely pictures  that you shared with us.  

Femme blonde souriante

Elisa beth

I love your choreographies, always perfectly synchronized with the music, so we can break free and dance with pleasure. And many mouvements. I love it.

Delphine Canteteau

What energy !!

Congratulations Khala for  transmitting to us the joy, happy mood and  movimiento forever!!  You boost me with energy for the whole day despite the crushing heat wave



Aum Khala Yoga

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