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Aum Meditation accueil
Humaniversity Aum Meditation Osho Festival Italy 2024
Humaniversity AUM Meditation Angsbacka Tantra Festival 2024
1. Where can you practice it?


Experience this fantastic AUM Meditation 

  • 18 - 21/04/2024 in Gabbice Mare, ITALY


The AUM is during the OSHO FESTIVAL

It is one of the biggest festival of Meditation in the world!


More info about the Festival:

Venue: Grand Hotel Michelacci, Italy


  • 16 - 22/07/2024 at Angsbacka, SWEDEN

The AUM is during the TANTRA FESTIVAL

One of the most renown Tantra Festival in Europe!

More info about the Festival:

Location: Angsbacka, 3-4 hours from Oslo, Stockholm and Göteborg.

Where can you practice?

2. What is the Humaniversity AUM MEDITATION ?

The Humaniversity AUM Meditation is a powerful tool to release in a safe environment, any emotional & energetic blocks to create space within you to connect to your inner silence & peace!  

It is a Social & Active meditation and usually lasts two hours and a half.


🌟Active because it combines movement, breathing and vocal expressions. It is a transformative, empowering & healing journey through 13 emotions: anger, forgiveness, love, determination, activating life force energy (kundalini), craziness, free dancing, sadness, laughter, sensuality, om chanting, mindfulness meditation, gratitude and sharing. Every stage has a beautiful music that helps you to dive in totally !


🌟Social because you cannot do it without the group. The other is a mirror, helping you to explore and express with consciousness what no longer serves you. Once you let go of old patterns, conditioning, mind, stuck emotions and that your energy flows again, you can dive into your essence. There are some stages where you face different partners and others where you are alone. Hugs, sharing and fun are part of the process !

What is AUM?

3. Who created it ?

Veeresh created the Humaniversity AUM Meditation in 1989 as a gift to his spiritual master Osho.


He founded in 1978 the OSHO Humaniversity in Egmond aan Zee in the Netherlands. It is an international center for personal growth and trainings open to anyone.


Veeresh was born in New York City in 1938 and left his body 2015 at the age of 77 years old.


He has trained hundreds of therapists and certified AUM Leaders around the world and have helped thousands of people through his work, always guided by the principle that 'Love is Always the Answer'.

More info:

Veeresh from the Humaniversity

4. What are the 14 stages of the AUM Meditation?

Who created it?
14 stages


Release in a safe environment all your anger. It’s a powerful energy to connect to while remaining aware. You are allowed to say anything you want with no harm to yourself, or physical contact with others. When facing a partner, both start with « I HATE YOU » then free association of words : express your anger towards anything or anyone that drove you mad. For example; your partner, ex, boss, sibling, friend, society, a situation or whatsoever.

It is liberating & empowering !

Couple amoureux
Couple amoureux


It is healing to say and hear from different partners "If I hurt you, I am sorry" and to receive a hug. That can help you heal wounds. Such a good feeling for the heart.



How wonderful to say and receive from different partners an authentic " I love you ".  And to share a tantric hug from the heart. 

Sunset Party
Sunset Party


You may have experienced a moment in your life where you want to give up your dreams, your projects, your intentions because you are too tired to fight or continue. Remember that you have more energy than what you can imagine. This is the stage of determination, keep believing and acting on your dreams and you will feel the second wind of energy hidden within you. With the energy of the group, you will go beyond your mental limits and find your inner force again !

Profiter de cours de danse
Cours de danse


Shake your whole body like a leaf with the music, release the physical and energetic tensions. Feel the cells of your body vibrating and the energy flowing. Activate your life force energy.



Allow yourself to go out of the box and out of your comfort zone! Dare to do what usually you would not do in society! Let your craziness express fully! Let go of the control of your mind. Be free to be crazy, ridiculous without any restrictions. No need anymore to please or act for others. Throw or punch a pillow, scream, be wild with no harm to yourself or others. It is liberating!!!



It’s time to dance free, let your body flow to the music.

pleurer 2.jpeg


Time to release any pain, grief & sorrow. The root of sadness is the hurt caused by a painful experience. In this safe space, you can allow your sadness to express and cry. Tears are healing your wounds. Let them water the seeds of your future happiness.


Laughing is contagious ! Connect to your inner child, have fun with the other mates, laugh to tears, it’s good for the health !

Bougie dans les mains


Focus your awareness on the candlelight in the center, chant "AUM" holding hands in a circle. Feel the energy of the tribe.

Les mains en l'air
Les mains en l'air


Explore your sensuality with partners or alone. You are the most beautiful and sexy man or woman! Feel it, embrace it, shine it !

Méditation de groupe


Finally sitting in silence to meditate. Enjoy the peace!!!



Time to thank all your meditation partners with a " NAMASTE, I recognize the Buddha within you " and share a hug. Feel grateful for the journey. Acknowledge the divine within you and in every being. It’s heart lifting !

Groupe de yoga


Sit in small group, listen and share your experience.

5) What are the benefits of the AUM Meditation?

  • Release emotional tensions due to present, stuck or repressed emotions; such as pain and/or anger due to a traumatic situation. For example: separation, divorce, loss of a loved one, depression...

  • Release the frustrations, negative thoughts, fear, and anxiety created by Covid or your environment to feel harmony & peace within you.

  • Prevent any emotional or energetic block from manifesting as disease in the body.

  • Heal wounds through awareness, release & love

  • Bring your awareness to the specific emotions that are creating blocks in your life.

  • Feel powerful and strong but also calm and quiet.

  • Release old patterns from the past that may arise from your subconscious.

  • Learn how to detach yourself from emotions instead of being controlled by them.

  • Connect to others in an authentic way

  • Boost your energy, gain vitality, feel joyful and alive!

  • Gain self-confidence and feel empowered.

  • Balance your chakras allowing the energy to flow.

Benefits AUM Meditation
Who is it for?

6) Who is it for ?


It is for anyone who wants to release stress, emotional blocks and pent-up feelings to create more clarity and wellbeing with themselves and others. If you have any physical issues, please contact me to know how we can adapt.


If you suffer from anxiety, sadness, anger, insomnia, tiredness, depression, traumatic emotional events  (separation, loss of love one…)  and many more, this meditation can definitely help you to release the tensions and revigorate your body and mind.


Teenagers can attend this meditation with the consent of the parents and the facilitator. People who have never done meditation are welcome ! It’s not a good fit for children.


For the people who are familiar with Osho meditations, the Aum Meditation is the Rolls Royce of the meditations because you have some stages of the dynamic, kundalini, mystic rose, vipassana and other very special and unique stages.

Who can teach it?

7) Who can teach it ?


Only the certified Aum Leader who did the training at the Osho Humaniversity can lead the Humaniversity AUM Meditation.


I first experienced this meditation in Osho Resort in Pune when I was 14 y.o.


I had the chance to attend the AUM Meditation leader training at the Humaniversity in 2009 with Veeresh, Chandrika and Geetee.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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