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Aum Khala Dance

About Khala

Hello beautiful soul !


I am here to share with you my love for:


Meditation, Yoga, Dance and Travel !

My Story

​With more than 10 years of teaching Yoga, Meditation, Fitness, Physical Education at school and Dance, I'm here to help you feel good in your body and mind! 

As a former gymnast and dancer, I became a certified Fitness Instructor in 2009. I helped hundreds of people get fit and healthy. I led for many years, fun and high-energy Zumba classes to bring joy, self-confidence and burn calories.


In 2010, I decided to become a Yoga teacher and train in the country where Yoga first originated. So I went back to India to do my Yoga Teacher Training with Sivananda Vedanta Center. 


I started teaching Hatha Yoga in Sicily for three years, then Vinyasa Yoga on the French Riviera for seven years. I would travel and practice Yoga in Bali and Thailand.


Let me tell you how meditation changed my life!


As a kid, I discovered the Osho active meditations, such as Kundalini, Dynamic, Chakra breathing... When I was 14, I did my first Humaniversity AUM Meditation in Osho Pune Resort in India. It blew my mind away! I loved it so much that I would fly to Italy every year to attend the incredible Osho Meditation Festival. It became a powerful tool to help me overcome difficult situations in my life. So I decided to become a certified Humaniversity AUM Meditation Leader in 2009 with Veeresh (the creator of the AUM) and his team. 

In 2016, I became a physical education teacher at school in France. This job was so stressful that it led me to painful sciatica in March 2020. I had to be bedridden for three months. I ended up having surgery to remove a disc herniation. I lost my mobility for several months and learned how to walk again. It was a positive experience because it helped me to reconnect to my body and mind through adaptive Yoga and Meditation.


While I couldn't do the Yoga postures, I discovered Yoga Nidra. It helped me to stay positive and heal. So I decided to get certified in Yoga Nidra in 2021 in France with Philippe Beer Gabel.


Now I have recovered, I decided to travel the world to continue learning, practicing  and teaching Yoga and Meditation. I started in December 2021 with Mexico. Then I went to Costa Rica to attend a Restorative Yoga and Meditation Teacher training. Then continued to Colombia, Australia and Bali where I attended an Advance Yoga teacher training in Vinyasa and the philosophy of Yoga. ​


Now I live in Koh Phangan Thailand and teach Yoga, Meditation, Humaniversity AUM Meditation, Dance and Zumba in Thailand and worldwide!



  • 15h Crystal Singing Bowls Training with Roni from Pure nature in Koh Phangan Thailand, July 2022.

  • 100h Advance Yoga Teacher Training in Vinyasa & Vaidika Dharma : how to put the teachings to your life, with Daniela Garzia Mandala - Soha School in the Yogabarn Bali, May 2022. 

  • 100h Restorative and Meditation Teacher training in Eco-village Pachamama, Costa Rica, jan 2022

  • 50h Yoga Nidra Teacher Training with Philippe Beer Gabel in France, Oct 2021

  • Master's Degree in Sport, Pedagogy and Education at STAPS University of Nice, France, 2016

  • Fitness and Zumba Instructor Certificate in Italy and France, 2012

  • 200h Yoga teacher training with Sivananda Vedanta Center in India, 2010

  • Humaniversity Aum Meditation Leader Certificate in Netherland, 2009

  • Bachelor's degree in Tourism Management in Lycée Paul Augier, Nice France, 2006

  • Tour guide certification in France, 2006

  • High School Diploma in France and US, 2003-2004

  • Middle School Diploma Lycée Français de Pondicherry, India, 2000

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